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Yes It's Me
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Yes It's Me

A assortment of brief tales. 1) Love Dancing Beneath My Eyelids Undergrad Numakami has known for quite a while that his colleague Mahara is enamored with him. However, Mahara is unadulterated, guiltless - nevertheless a virgin. Oddly enough, this causes Numakami to feel irritated at being the object of his warm gestures. 2) She's Missing Yanagi is infatuated with Kobayashi, who just can't quit discussing Adachi - a young lady in their group. What will happen to these three young people and their mind boggling relationship? 3) Minun Musiikki A tranquil musician and a repulsive, straightforward cellist frequently observe themselves alone in the music room together... 4) Yes It's Me The story rotates around Toma, who is overwhelmed with passion... with himself! Notwithstanding, so is every other person around him; and he realizes that his colleague and close buddy, Enoki, is no special case. Toma doesn't fault him. All things considered, he is just the most splendid, wonderful, and by and large around ideal individual to at any point walk the substance of the Earth! Who couldn't succumb to him? Oddly, Enoki is persuaded that Toma returns his sentiments. In any case, the two of them ought to be aware at this point that there's nobody he cherishes more than himself... correct? 5) Yes It's You 6) Loathe! 7) Dreams Unfold at Night 8) Yes That's It
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