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Tsundere! - Megane Cafe e Youkoso
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Tsundere! - Megane Cafe e Youkoso

Story 1: Welcome to Megane bistro, a spot for food, fun, and very hot head servants? While strolling in with her companions, Kusumoto Sumire meets one of those stewards. However, there's a discourteous thing about him, weren't head servants assume to be great tempered and mindful? Out of nowhere the inconsiderate head servant; named Katsuragi, abducts her, giving Sumire her most memorable kiss! Offended, at first she promises to at absolutely no point ever go to the bistro in the future. All things considered, something about him is so irresistible, she can't help herself. --Synopsis by Take-me-away-to-heaven Story 2: Aoki Misao is the girl of the proprietor of a glasses bistro, Glasser, where lovely men in glasses will readily serve you tea. These wonderful men are generally under the severe rule of Kaga the administrator, who just at any point grins to the woman clients as their ideal sovereign. He puts on these two unique veils in commitment to his work. How might Misao at any point hope to draw near to him as the supervisor's girl!? Story 3: Still in the domain of story 2; Erika, a secondary school young lady is infatuated with the school sovereign. As shrewd and however attractive as he may be he is likewise freezing and denies each young lady that approaches him. And, she just barely started speculation everything trust was lost she figures out his mysterious of functioning as the Glasses bistro, which is against school rules. Could she at any point utilize this mystery to get seen and perhaps prevail upon him? Or on the other hand will he turn the tables?
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