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Tokimeki Tonight
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Tokimeki Tonight

From Friendship Scans: Ranze Etou is a cute undying young lady with a vampire father and a werewolf mother who might toss things at one another when they get into immature battles. Nonetheless, Ranze simply needs to live like a typical young lady and have an ordinary existence. Tragically, she is "honored" with the ability to transform into anything she nibbles. For instance, in the event that she coincidentally nibbles a cake the incorrect way, she will transform into a cake. The best way to get back to typical is to sniffle! Ranze is infatuated with Shun Makabe, who is an attractive human kid at school. Notwithstanding, a human young lady (absent a lot of hair) named Youko additionally loves Shun, and she would effectively uncover that Ranze is definitely not a human!! Things settled the score more confounded when Ranze met Aaron, who is the ruler of the Spirit World. Aaron experienced passionate feelings for Ranze and first sight, and he would take the necessary steps to win her away from Shun... Tokimeki Tonight was one of the most smoking mangas in Japan, and you sure don't have any desire to miss this humorous comedy!
Released a year ago
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