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The President's Valiant Wife
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The President's Valiant Wife

Due to a mishap, the best diversion specialist Jiang Lang Ning passed on and immigrated back to a period where excellence and diversion ruled. With a lot of work insight added to her repertoire as a headhunter in media outlets, she began selecting many beguiling and gorgeous men to begin her new business back in time. Among them were the messy insightful man Chu Yu Du, the bankrupt man of honor Gu Nan Yi, the held researcher Shen Yan Qing, and the devoted supreme gatekeeper Xie Sa. They gathered as popular stars under her administration. At first she just centered around her business, however one thing prompted one more and those men in the long run succumbed to her and needed to wed her...
Released 4 months ago
Posted On 4 months ago
Updated On a month ago
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Chapter The President's Valiant Wife


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