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The 13Th Night
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The 13Th Night

With its magnificent history of 500 years, Lan Empire has its own portion of lights and shadows. Deserted upon entering the world, Lynx experiences childhood in one of its ghettos in spite of the fact that she is a little girl of the strong House of Joo, one of four establishing groups of the realm from its introduction to the world. Similarly as Lynx is going to be auctions off as a mistress to a feeble elderly person, a respectable woman shows up before her. Heeyun Joo, the honorable woman with a striking comparability to Lynx, cases to be her tragically missing more established twin sister. With her life being smothered consistently, Heeyun asks that Lynx, her twin more youthful sister rejoined solely after 19 years, act like her.
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Chapter The 13Th Night


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