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Tales Of Demons And Gods
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Tales Of Demons And Gods

Nie Li, one of the most grounded Demon Spiritist in his previous existence remaining at the apex of the military world , anyway he lost his life during the fight with Sage Emperor and the six divinity positioned monster, his spirit was then renewed back in time back to when he is as yet 13. In spite of the fact that he's the most vulnerable in his group with the least ability at just Red soul domain, with the guide of the immense information which he amassed in his past life, he prepared quicker then anybody. Attempting to safeguard the city which in the approaching future was being attacked by monster and turned out to be annihilated as well as safeguarding his darling, loved ones who kicked the bucket by the monster attack. what's more, to annihilate the Sacred family whom forsake their obligation and sold out the city in his past life.
Released a year ago
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Chapter Tales Of Demons And Gods


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