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Susumu Hayashi, his twin sibling Tsutomu and Sakura Toyama are cherished, lifelong companions. Tsutomu vanished when he was a decade old. Then two years after the fact, he returned — this time just before Susumu. Furthermore, in addition, from inside a mirror! Presently, occasions that nobody has at any point experienced occur in this strange circle of drama!! Aoyama's romantic tale gets going with a bend: The twin siblings Susumu and Tsutomu have been companions with the young lady Sakura since they were kids. Be that as it may, when Tsutomu strangely vanishes at ten years old, Susumu and Sakura start to float separated. What Sakura doesn't have any idea: Tsutomu has returned, not personally, but rather as the identical representation of Susumu. That is, at whatever point Susumu thoroughly examines a mirror, he sees his sibling who converses with him. In this manner starts an odd circle of drama between Sakura, who tortures the poor Susumu however much she is being tortured by her companions, Susumu, who continues to think he needs to save Sakura on the grounds that he prefers her, and Tsutomu, who regardless of being trapped in a mirror makes everybody's things happen. Aoyama's vivacious account and her wonderfully rich fine art loan this unusual story a shockingly beguiling touch. Taking into account that SWWEEET is her most memorable series, it's astounding the way in which well she went about her business. From the framing to the format to the pacing, everything is astoundingly executed. Assuming you like uncommon and intriguing youth romantic tales, you ought to give SWWEEET a try.
Released 7 months ago
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