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SIN happens in a dystopian future got from a universe basically the same as our own. The inescapable absence of assets to support humankind on Earth had parted the world into two fighting groups, the United Nations (U.N.) and the New Earth's Alliance. (N.E.A.). Following quite a while of pointless clash and mechanical headway in weaponry, the two sides enthusiastically found harmony to stay away from elimination. Presently subject to the recently framed United Earth's Federation (U.E.F.) space has turned into the last expect humanity. Nonetheless, with assets more scant than any other time the clock is ticking. How would we conclude who's advantaged to live and who's not? What befalls those of us left behind? A world currently approximately constrained by a solitary authoritarian government, invade by packs, private military gatherings, political dissidents, and demise; Life appears to give something like a vain future. Notwithstanding, there are as yet those of us that battle, we battle one another, we battle the framework, we battle for our friends and family... anything that the explanation, we fight for answers.
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Chapter S-I-N


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