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The story is set in advanced midtown Tokyo. Our champion Handa Sen, known as "Osen," is the star entertainer of the longstanding Isho-an, the universally adored eatery in the town of Kasagi-no-yado. Osen not just loves purpose and looks attractive in kimono, but on the other hand she's a "jill" of all exchanges: She's an expert cook, performer and potter, as well as a craftsmanship epicurean. The comic is about how Osen settles every one of the happenings encompassing Isho-an. In some cases she settle them with the Japanese soul of "wa," or simply by being plain sensible. The craftsman's fragile portrayal of our courageous woman Osen in kimono, different art including earthenware and food is a feature of this manga. -
Released 7 months ago
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