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From Biblo Eros: An assortment of oneshots highlighting school young men in angsty love. The work of art is wonderful as usual and the stories appear to be more not kidding than Clan of Nakagamis, more suggestive of I need to turn into your bird. 1)Lost Children-Koyo Tomohiko and Fukube Naoto are cherished companions. Be that as it may, when Naoto gets a sweetheart and lacks the capacity to deal with Tomo any longer, Tomo's pissed! However, is kinship the main thing Tomo feels? 2)Diamonds are Forever-Taki Chisato and Kamitori Taichi have been fooling around as opposed to examining. Presently their guide, Taki's cousin Atsushi, is rebuffing them for wrong making them kiss one another?! 3)Continuation of Diamonds are Forever. Chisato and Taichi are dating, yet Taichi needs a portion of the actual advantages of dating. 4)Golden Star-Third year middle school understudy Murakami winds up watching indifferent schoolmate Takahashi play the piano consistently for their school chorale. In any case, Murakami truly prefers Takahashi's voice and needs to hear him sing. 5)Flower Scented-Mushano Kouji is an expert wizard who instructs sorcery to youngsters. However, when 36 year old Sakurada Tsukihito requests to be his understudy, Kouji doesn't send him away. Sakarada is irredeemable with enchantment, yet extraordinary with housework, which is exactly what Kouji needs, however for what reason does this man need to learn wizardry so badly?
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