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Mada Shiranai Oretachi
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Mada Shiranai Oretachi

The feeling...not it is likely not that awful to know an individual. The one moving in nearby Kita is his colleague, Saitou. Until graduation, Saitou didn't appear to try and know Kita's name. Accordingly, Kita attempts to stay away from him. Without knowing why, he's concealing his hurt heart. An assortment of stories showing the delight of affection by seeing one another and the perseverance of essential announcement. (taken from back cover) 4. Hold back Reset 5. Twofold Bed (continuation of Refrain Reset) 6. The Shining Sun and Moon 7. Crystal (continuation of The Shining Sun and Moon)
Released 7 months ago
Posted On 7 months ago
Updated On 5 months ago
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Chapter Mada Shiranai Oretachi


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