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Kirara Fantasia
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Kirara Fantasia

Etoilia, the happy and prosperous land administered by the goddess Sola.
Towering at the heart this land is "The Tree of Words". At the highest point of the Tree lies the Temple, which sparkles brilliant light.
With the ability to notice different universes, the goddess Sola noticed the daily existences of individuals living in those worlds.
The books she had composed are alluded to as "The Scriptures", which are cherished by individuals, and turned into an object of worship.
The Scriptures recorded different stories, and through understanding them, individuals had the option to obtain the wellspring of life force, "Crea".
With the Goddess as the middle, the world was brimming with "Crea", and Etoilia supported an incredible time of peace.

ーHowever, that harmony had out of nowhere imploded and disintegrated away
The Goddess Sola was fixed away by a specific someone.
With the Scriptures becoming dull and blurring in importance, the "Crea" on this world is progressively diminishing.
Among this peculiar circumstance, one individual and one animal rose up.
"Lamp" and "Match", who used to be workers in the Temple, set off on an excursion to protect the Goddess...

ーBy seeking after the amazing summoner.
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Chapter Kirara Fantasia


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