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I'm A Hero In The Cultivation Realm!
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I'm A Hero In The Cultivation Realm!

Hao is a courageous hero who has saved a hundred different realms. Nevertheless, he has to cross dimensions once again to rescue one last realm that belongs to the cultivators. Exhausted, he decides to make his weak disciple, Chen Junan, the next hero. Junan is timid and extremely lazy. Will Hao succeed in training him? Meanwhile, the real reason why Hao was summoned to the Cultivation Realm was to compete for the role as the cultivators’ leader. How will they overcome the strange adventures? For unknown reasons, there seems to be a bigger secret hidden beneath the realm...
Released 5 months ago
Posted On 5 months ago
Updated On 4 months ago
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Chapter I'm A Hero In The Cultivation Realm!


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