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I Am The Male Lead’S Ex-Girlfriend
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I Am The Male Lead’S Ex-Girlfriend

My job in the original starts with the presence of the champion: the lady who'll change the existence of the male lead. To summarize it, I should grip to him and ask for his friendship. The first Erika was an awful ex. I would have rather not been a s*upid villainess, so I put myself first and moved away from him… And yet, after 3 years, this very man returned before me. What something abnormal… This ought not be occurring… "I don't figure I can do this without you. I actually like you." What is this… ? I'm not the lady you should be fixated on! What's more, incidentally, Zion - Leonardo's dearest companion - has been acting unusually. I felt frustrated about his destiny as the sub-principle character, so I've helped him frequently… however have I gone excessively far? "I like being with you. I like you. All that will be better assuming you're close by." … I'm not the person you ought to like. I'm just a despicable supporting person, but the men of the novel rapidly start to admit! Who would it be a good idea for me I choose?
Released 7 months ago
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Chapter I Am The Male Lead’S Ex-Girlfriend


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