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Happy Ending For The Time-Limited Villainess
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Happy Ending For The Time-Limited Villainess

Please have a cheerful marriage with me for only a half year." "What great does that have for me? "Obviously we'll give you the Reno family's domains and fortune." "… Let's say you give everything to me. You said you'll separate from me in around 50% of a year. Assuming that is all in all, what will you do a while later?" "… There's something I've been contemplating doing. At any rate, I will not have the option to utilize the cash." Clea lied all of the time. This body will before long kick the bucket. It'll scarcely endure around 50% of a year. Subsequent to being in a wonderful marriage, Clea Reno needed to shut her eyes for the last time in a tranquil spot. # At the point when I was wounded to a ridiculous degree, I was brought before the Demon King and was allowed a six-month time limit as a villainess. "Keuk-" My body goes through one energy while making a stride, three wellbeing while talking, 300 of my wellbeing in the wake of running for ten seconds, and I hurl blood when 33% of my energy is spent. "Goodness my, she's doing that again for consideration." "It's amazing that she conveys paint any place she goes." "Indeed, His Excellency Detroit dismissed her icily." My standing was just plain horrible. The Demon Lord said he'll save my body assuming I get hitched joyfully, yet the condition is humiliating. I need to get hitched to the man I've had eyes for, Duke Detroit. I said I'll do anything to get hitched, however I don't have any idea what a "cheerful marriage" is… Can I survive?
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Chapter Happy Ending For The Time-Limited Villainess


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