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Gorgeous Charat: La Esperanza
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Gorgeous Charat: La Esperanza

Florian Rochefort - a high positioning blue-blood was auctions off by his family to keep up with their fortune. He was auctions off to the rich, haughty and baffling Ray Balzac Courland, otherwise known as Noir - the apparition hoodlum who goes after the rich and the popular of the Parisians! Beam, or Noir as he is known to his nearby partners, had forever been a fan of everything excellent and perfect, and whenever he first saw Florian, he realized he needed to have him! Florian with his shinning brilliant hair and amethyst eyes… it was just expected that the people who love excellence would need to have him and, Ray is doing his best to keep Florian attached to him forever. Despite the fact that Florian, Ray and the group had experienced many undertakings beginning from perilously tempting Arab traders to crazy young ladies, maybe they are set for one more experience! Go along with them as they leave on their most recent where Ray gathers yet more taken diamonds meanwhile tracking down additional ways of keeping Florian obligated to him forever! Obviously, it's a given that the man with the amethyst eyes could possibly be the most valuable pearl in Ray's collection!
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Chapter Gorgeous Charat: La Esperanza


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