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From RebelliousArt: Minato is a cumbersome secondary school young lady. At the point when she went to the hospital to rests, she tracked down an exposed person, and he kissed her! The person is Chihiro, a 10th grader who is one year more youthful than she is. Minato is exceptionally inspired by him, yet he as of now has a sweetheart. Minato plans to surrender, but...? *Incorporates a few brief tales: • Amai Yokubou (Sweet Desire) in volume 5: In the wake of being unloaded, Maya is blamed by men as being cold and bone chilling. An experience with a more odd leaves her reasoning in an unexpected way, yet some way or another this more peculiar knows her name. • Only One in volume 6 • Counterfeit Lover in volume 7
Released 7 months ago
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