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Five Star Monogatari
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Five Star Monogatari

From Anime News Network: A few millennia from this point, there exists the Joker Galaxy of five Star Systems, where a long, long conflict is being battled. The lord of light, Amaterasu, is attempting to join the system subject to his authority. The battling remains between goliath mecha called Mortar Headds, their pilots, the Headdliners, prepared since birth for their undertaking, and the female humanlike PCs called Fatimas, important for controlling the MH. Many are the lives and predeterminations saw as all through the over thousand extended time of war, in spite of the fact that Amaterasu appears to survive everything. Note: To respect its 25th commemoration, the series was republished under Five Star Monogatari Reboot (The Five Star Stories Reboot) with a last and thirteenth volume.
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