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Eighty Six
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Eighty Six

For quite a while this nation was gone after by its neighbor, the Empire, which made a progression of automated military vehicles called the Legion. In light of the danger, the Republic effectively finishes the advancement of comparative innovation and mirrors the adversary's assault, having figured out how to manage without losses. In any case, this is... the authority rendition. There were casualties, truth be told. Beyond 85 locale of the Republic there was really another. "The non-existent 86th locale." It was there that constantly proceeded with the fights where youngsters and ladies from the separation known as Eighty-Six participatedâ€"they battled in rambles... Shinn coordinates the activities of youthful self destruction planes while on the combat zone. Lena is a "controller" who orders a separation from a remote back with the assistance of extraordinary communication.
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Chapter Eighty Six


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