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Dragon Of The Beginning And Dragon Of The Last
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Dragon Of The Beginning And Dragon Of The Last

Dragon of the Beginning and Dragon of the Last is a progression of interconnected oneshots in a high dream setting which occur centuries separated and depict the development of winged serpent human communication through the perspective of various characters. Story 1: Three individuals run into each other, joined by a flood and a mythical serpent. A man who lost his town. An elderly person who lost his kid. A young lady who lost her kin. Story 2: The lord is sick. In their mission to observe a fix, a cleric and his band of warriors enter a savage area. In any case, the spice they need has a place with the winged serpents. Story 3: Dragonswood is home to mythical serpents and individuals who care for them. When a mage and his mythical beast are caught, be that as it may, war lingers nearer and nearer. Story 4: After a custom turned out badly, a drought hits a town once plentiful in downpour. The appearance of a rainmaker guarantees salvation, yet first he should make quick work of an all around kept secret.
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