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Cancel This Wish
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Cancel This Wish

"A developing sentiment dream in which I view as my actual self!" After moving on from the foundation, Remiel, who is carrying on with a singular life as a pariah (?), can't defeat her mom's persuation and goes to the party of the Marquis of Atrahasis. Also, there, Tyriel, whom she has had eyes only for quite a while, and her flat mate, Beryl, declare their marriage… . In shock, Remiel said, 'I want to be Beryl.' The second she contemplates internally, her accessory unexpectedly sparkled and she vanished on the spot! Once more, furthermore, when he awakens, at some point, Remiel has become Beryl from the Academy days... !? 이 소원을 취소 ; This Wish Is Cancelled
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 12 days ago
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Chapter Cancel This Wish


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