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Blood Type V
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Blood Type V

About a kid with blood powers. A single shot that showed up in Shounen GanGan 2009-002 issue. Moonlight light's variant of this rundown: Individuals don't share indistinguishable blood classifications with everyone...there is blood classification A, blood classification B, blood classification AB, blood classification O, and..."strange blood"? Mikoto Hiiragi is a secondary school understudy with exceptional "blood abilities"...He is a "bizarre blood" (all the more explicitly, a blood classification V!). Blood classification V proprietors are known as "magicians of life". They are an exceptionally needed type...and Mikoto Hiiragi didn't dream what (or who!) was following him (to chase him, of corse)! What turns it more perilous is that not just "normal" individuals need "unusual blood's" proprietors blood, yet additionally other "odd blood"s owners too! As though that wasn't sufficiently terrible, researchers are offering an award to the individual who provides them with each sort of blood there is! (so they can figure out what the "most grounded" blood classification is). What powers really do blood classification Vs have? what might be said about blood classification Rs? what's more, blood classification Ts? (thus on...)
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Chapter Blood Type V


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