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Banana Scandal
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Banana Scandal

A college situated in a city in the United States. Taehwan and Dojin are companions and housemates. Whenever Taehwan's away to be a student from abroad, Taehwan's more youthful sibling, Taehee goes into the house and Dojin will be his new housemate. Dissimilar to his level and beautiful appearance, Taehee is a hikikomori type otaku, yet some way or another he appears as though he's just being great to Dojin. The evening of observing Taehee's appearance, Dojin awakens with a unidentified sound, and soon thereafter understands that the wellspring of this sound is Taehee's moan of masturbating...?!
Released 7 months ago
Posted On 7 months ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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Chapter Banana Scandal


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