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Tsuki no Waltz
Status Completed
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Tsuki no Waltz

Contains 4 oneshots: 1) Itsuka no Tsuki de Aimashou At the point when Riha goes to medical clinic to go see her dad, who was simply in a mishap, she meets a kid, Nozomu-kun, who helps her track down her direction through the clinic so she can visit her dad. After that day, they become extraordinary companions and perhaps more… 2) Tsuki no Waltz Asakura Nariko is the girl of an affluent family in the Showa period. As the replacement of the family, she is totally instructed to turn into a legitimate woman, and her educator is Sawa Keiichirou, the child of her family's head servant. To Nariko, Keiichirou resembles a sibling, or perhaps more than that, however it is her obligation to wed the head of another conspicuous family sometime in the future... 3) Once a Blue Moon 4) Petit Lesson - Sequel to Zenbu, Hajimete
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Tsuki no Waltz


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