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Tameiki no Ondo
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Tameiki no Ondo

Collection of brief tales: Tameiki no Ondo Jun is continuously being contrasted with his more seasoned sibling Ryou, and missing the mark. In any case, when his sibling's companion Yuuya begins to guide him, his patient nature starts to break through to Jun. Whenever Jun understands Yuuya's affections for Ryou, he should face his own affections for Yuuya. Contains another primary story comprising of three parts (Blind; Distance; Border) and a last a single shot called: Our Graduation Umebayashi has been infatuated with Matsubara from the day they initially met, yet confined by his adversary, Takeshiba, he never found time for express his sentiments. Now that graduation is approaching, the young men want to admit to the ones they like.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Tameiki no Ondo


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