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Mani Mani
Status Completed
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Mani Mani

Collection of between connected stories. 1. Kikyo In the wake of losing her employment, a lady in der mid-twenties gets back to her old neighborhood in the open country and has a startling experience. 2. Huge Small World A middle school young lady, who has a pack teacher for her beau and a delinquent young lady for her dearest companion, continues to play hooky, yet at the same time gets her work done. What could her explanation? 3. Mother Ship The no-show young lady's mom recounts the account of her childhood, her affection and her life. 4. Sandwich Blues A 32-year-old center teacher drives a similar forlorn life she had during her grade school days. At the point when her cousin from the field annouces her marriage, she begins to consider... 5. Go Slow (continuation of Mother Ship) 6. Manimani
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Mani Mani


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