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Kimi ni Aetara Nante Iou
Status Ongoing
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Kimi ni Aetara Nante Iou

Manga composed by Nemu Youko after she'd brought forth her little girl in 2018, distributed eight months after the fact. It considers her own insight of pregnancy through existences of fictitious couple Kiri and Muchan, two individuals in their 30's with currently settled schedules, professions, and agreeable ordinary dynamic, who following quite a while of indifferent conversations and sneaking around the subject wind up anticipating a youngster. Praised by a discussion with another mother working publication in the manga business, distributed on the web. "This book is for pregnant ladies, the individuals who were pregnant, the people who will before long become pregnant, the people who are contemplating whether they ought to become pregnant, the people who would rather not become pregnant, the people who are not inspired by pregnant ladies, the people who have pregnant ladies around, and the people who are near pregnant ladies This is a book that any individual who's been conceived can peruse. Say thanks to you."
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Kimi ni Aetara Nante Iou


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