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Grieving You
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Grieving You

I ‘Kim Doyoon’ died while saving a child from a car accident. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the body of ‘Yeo Doyoon’, a hoobae that went to the same university as me, but I had no idea of his existence. Though their lives were completely different, the ordinary Kim Doyoon tries to adapt himself to the life of Yeo Doyoon, the bastard son of the Chairman of a big conglomerate. The only thing they had in common was that they shared the same university and major including a hoobae named ‘Han Gyeol’. Doyoon feels the urge to approach Han Gyeol, but he’s far different from the cute hoobae he remembered. “I don’t know if you want something from me or just spouting nonsense… But don’t use Doyoon Hyung or I will definitely kill you.”
Released 8 months ago
Posted On 8 months ago
Updated On 5 months ago
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Chapter Grieving You


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