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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki
Status Ongoing
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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki

From Mangahelpers: Noda Haruko has incubated a plot to get delicious snacks; she's put an adoration letter in a paper plane and threw it out into the world. By some coincidence, it winds up in the possession of a desolate kid named Katou Seiji. Haruko admits her "adoration" as far as he might be concerned, and her expectation that he'll turn into her significant other and make her heavenly snacks. Shockingly, Seiji concurs, and turns into her beau culinary specialist. Seiji permits himself to be cleared away by her immature energy, however he continues to attempt to track down ways of making their relationship more 'genuine'- - by clasping hands, kissing, or essentially being separated from everyone else together. Haruko and Seiji explore their strange relationship among their companions and cohorts, who all experience their portion of comedic difficulties! [tethysdust]
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki


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