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Begone, Ultramarine: Fragile Light of Pistol Star
Status Ongoing
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Begone, Ultramarine: Fragile Light of Pistol Star

16-year-old Nanakusa is going through his commonplace time on earth on "Flight of stairs Island" where he tracked down himself "disposed of" alongside 2000 others, all missing the recollections of the time not long before they showed up there. The name of the island begins from the long flight of stairs going through the island and reaching out up to the culmination of the mountain where the witch who governs the island is said to reside. The best way to leave the island is by it was lost to track down what. However Nanakusa doesn't wish to leave this stale island. He partakes in his life there. That is until Manabe Yuu, his cherished, lifelong companion shows up before him, and flips around his new life. For what reason did Manabe Yuu, the world's most hopeful individual, get disposed of, and who is the witch behind this large number of baffling events? Follow Nanakusa and Manabe as they reveal the real essence of Stairway Island.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Begone, Ultramarine: Fragile Light of Pistol Star


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