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A Fox Girl Fell From The Sky
Status Ongoing
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A Fox Girl Fell From The Sky

"Liu Quanyou's dad was an exorcist from a little mountain town who caused problems when he was managing a soul. Consolidating that with his granddad owing a blood obligation when he was youthful, Liu Quanyou had been reviled by a soul since he was a youngster. He wouldn't have the option to live beyond 23. Not having any desire to allow his youngster to stroll down this way, his dad began to show him some expulsion methods. Since Liu Quanyou had the inherent capacity to see spirits, a ton of ability, and had acquired an exceptional look from his dad, the fox god granddad that kicked the bucket saving him left him with his granddaughter, Qianqian. She was to turn into his life partner, being raised alongside him and was given the new name, Liu Jie. The fox evil presence Liu Jie was strong, she followed Liu Quanyu, who figured out how to get into a college, to the city and start their way of expulsion. Simultaneously, they needed to figure out how to break his revile, they just had three years left. "
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 8 months ago
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Chapter A Fox Girl Fell From The Sky


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