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Nerd Project
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Nerd Project

"You said you wanted a nerd style boyfriend," said Luke who had a bomb dropped on him when he got dumped by his ex-girlfriend. Then a thick-spectacled, checkered shirt wearing, epitome of a nerd appeared in front of him. Luke follows Andrew around and studies his every move, but the only information realized is that he’s strictly interested in studying and that it’s undeniable that he’s decently good-looking and pretty tall. How did I… stoop so low as sneaking glances at him?! Their relationship was assumed to have ended there, but, unexpectedly, they meet again as roommates. But I thought that this model student, who only knows a life of studying, would be naive. “Fucking stalker, I warned you not to show your face in front of me.” Their life together as dorm-mates will turn out okay… won’t it?
Released a month ago
Posted On a month ago
Updated On 7 days ago
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