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High Speed!
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High Speed!

Nanase Haruka is a 6th grade primary school understudy who loves associating with the water and feeling the water as he swims, and he goes to a neighborhood swim club along with his experience growing up dearest companion Tachibana Makoto and Hazuki Nagisa, one year more youthful than the two of them. Then, at that point, one winter's day as graduation moves close, Matsuoka Rin moves into Haruka and the others' school from another swim club. Through swimming, Haruka fortifies his bonds with Makoto and Nagisa, as well similarly as with Rin so, all in all Rin, with his enthusiasm for the mixture hand-off, recommends they structure a group together and enter a competition. The fact that the anime Free makes this the original! depends on in manga structure finally! (September Scans)
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter High Speed!


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