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Global Garden
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Global Garden

Living in lament that his equation brought forth the nuclear bomb, Professor Einstein sends two young men whose eyes can see the future on a train that movements at the speed of light prior to leaving on his own last experience: passing. His expectation is that they will find "HER" and tell her his desire, for no one but she can concede it. After fifty years, it is 2005 and the spot is Tokyo. Finally, "SHE" (Ruika) has been found... in any case, Ruika has a strange situation. For the good of her mom, she's been living as her dead sibling since youth. Does Ruika really have the ability to concede wishes? In the event that she allows her mom's desire by turning into a kid, nobody can lead us into the GLOBAL GARDEN... Presently it's a test of skill and endurance and against one another, on the grounds that everybody has a dull past and a ulterior rationale in having the young lady who can give Einstein's wish. Rate this story

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