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100 Ways To Seduce The Villain
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100 Ways To Seduce The Villain

The enemy has abused me thousands of times, but I treat the enemy like first love. After dying at Ji Chi's hands ninety-nine times, Si Xu was reborn again, and finally figured out that the best way to attack Ji Chi is to influence him with love?! In order to leave the realm of cultivating immortals and return home smoothly, Si Xu decided to bear the burden of humiliation and sacrifice himself with tears in his eyes... The effect is obvious; Ji Chi is very useful, and everyone in the Jingguangjie knows that Si Xu is a big lover. Si Xu: (Bitter) Returning from rebirth, it was me who was scheming?
Released 10 days ago
Posted On 10 days ago
Updated On 5 days ago
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Chapter 100 Ways To Seduce The Villain


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