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1-nen A-gumi no Monster
Status Ongoing
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1-nen A-gumi no Monster

It's reputed that Class 1-An of a specific all-young ladies secondary school is hellfire itself, with each educator stopping very quickly in the wake of being exposed to the young ladies' maltreatment. Super plain Jimi Taro (his name in a real sense seems like the Japanese word for "exhausting/plain") is the most recent educator for this class however is courageous about the test he's facing. Charming young model Hananaka Momo is quick to attempt to inspire him to stop, venturing to such an extreme as to counterfeit an inappropriate behavior! In the mean time, blackmailers, savages and more sneak in this homeroom of beautiful faces, prepared to challenge their new instructor. In any case, Jimi's witticism is "virgin forever, educator forever," and he's ready to school these young ladies in additional ways than one!
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 14 days ago
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Chapter 1-nen A-gumi no Monster


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