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Yume No Shizuku, Ougon No Torikago
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Yume No Shizuku, Ougon No Torikago

From Friendship Scans: Beginning of sixteenth hundred years, Alexandra was caught by slave dealers in Ukraine during one of their many assaults. Whenever the brokers showed up in Greece to sell the female slaves, a youthful attractive man named Mateus got her and vowed to give her actual opportunity. He employed incalculable instructors, researchers, and royal residence women to prepare her into the one ideal lady of her time. Mateus' consideration has made Alexandra profoundly experience passionate feelings for him, and she covertly wishes to be his mistress. However, awful destiny! Mateus has previously guaranteed her to his dearest companion, who is Suleiman the Great, Emperor of the Ottoman Empire! Mateus guaranteed Alexandra of genuine opportunity, however where is opportunity when she is in another man's group of concubines and can take a gander at the one she adores from a far distance? Not able to get through this distress, Alexandra guarantees herself that one day, she will free the two of them from their bird enclosures. In any case, Mateus is the Grand Vizier, a power simply second to the Emperor himself. So Alexandra should turn into the most persuasive courtesan to have any expectation — which additionally implies bearing Suleiman's child. In any case, Suleiman as of now has a child by another courtesan, and this not entirely settled to keep her child as the main ruler and just successor. In this manner starts the tale of a slave that turns into the account of perhaps the best sovereign ever, Alexandra, the one who might one day be known as Roxolana, Empress of the Ottoman Empire.
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Chapter Yume No Shizuku, Ougon No Torikago


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