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Transistor Teaset: Denki Gairozu
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Transistor Teaset: Denki Gairozu

When they were youthful, Suzu and Midori were isolated as Midori moved away. Suzu grew up and has turned into a manufacturer of robots and whatever else mechanical she can get her hands on. One critical morning her number one hardware shop is shut so she heads out to unwind while trusting that the shop will open when Midori calls in the future, after such a long time, needing to resume from the last known stopping point. Suzu is euphoric about this - they shared such a great amount for all intents and purpose when they were youthful…

Only Midori has opened up a Maid Café…
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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Chapter Transistor Teaset: Denki Gairozu


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