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This series is about a young lady named Otome who's looking for adoration since she has entered secondary school. Obviously, viewing love isn't going as simple, particularly assuming that you have three delinquent young men who are your cherished, lifelong companions. Otome makes sense of to the young men that since they are in secondary school now, she needs to observe love and fall profoundly enamored, however Tokio (one of her lifelong companions) demand that she be essential for his arrangement. He fantasies about assuming control over the school and turning into a fabulous posse pioneer; he'll even let her join as the sub-pioneer. What is she going to do? As she slips from the young men, she gets several young ladies watching the most well known kid, Touyou, being admitted to!? Is this all consuming, instant adoration? She chooses to spy/tail him... what will she find out? Additional 1 - The Boy Next Door (Tonari no Danshi) Additional 2 - System versus Freedom
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Chapter Otomentaru


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