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Ningen Tokei (Scary Story: Human Clock)
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Ningen Tokei (Scary Story: Human Clock)

Cheap Manga presents Human Clock, a traditional manga! Caution: An incredibly elective story that is intensely dreamlike and very sick. Peruser gatherings range from "Kafka-esque" to "trippy, bizarre" to "what the f**k is this trash?" Someone(Highway_STAR) really thought there were likenesses among this and Kafka's Metamorphis and recommended perusing Metamorphis first prior to understanding this. From Manga Zombie: "When I discuss 'twisted manga from a distorted psyche', I generally consider this indistinguishable story. The Human Clock is much easier to sum up than to comprehend. The legend is Yubi Chizuo once more; he's an understudy like previously, yet this time round he's likewise a dropout. He remains in his home, which is a family shop selling watches and clocks. He endlessly looks at them, and gradually, transforms into one himself. That is the whole story. It helps me to remember Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis."
Released a year ago
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Chapter Ningen Tokei (Scary Story: Human Clock)


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