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Malicious Code
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Malicious Code

It's the year 2034 and secondary school understudy Sasaki Hiiro sheets his transport very much like some other day. Everything changes, however, when his transport is abruptly gone after by a strange young lady with red eyes. At the point when Hiiro rises, he thinks of himself as in "Tokyo," a city which should have been for all time fixed off after the episode of the destructive Pandora Virus a decade prior. That, yet it likewise seems like every one of those being accumulated in "Tokyo" are growing new cruel capacities. Presently, among the vestiges of Shibuya, Hiiro and his companions should find the reason why they are here and realize everything they can about the horrible Malicious Code that is going crazy in their bodies before it obliterates them all!
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 2 months ago
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