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Let’S Hide My Younger Brother First
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Let’S Hide My Younger Brother First

I've had a person in a R-appraised BL manhwa. It's in this present reality where individuals, whose wildness goes from one to ten, show up. "Franz, might you at any point remove your garments briefly?" "Sister? Wh-Why my garments?" Their insane melody had previously started. Having been confronted with the viciousness my more youthful sibling needed to persevere, I committed a promise. "Rather than Franz, I'll have [Schuette] all things being equal." Those individuals are not far off. Individuals who will eradicate my family, and when that is sufficiently not, they'll gobble up my more youthful sibling's honesty. "Also, I'll turn into a knight to succeed our family and continue its heritage." On the off chance that he doesn't go, I'll kick the bucket! That is the manner by which I completely concealed my sibling and chosen go to every one of the authority occasions myself. …Yet, something's off-base. "Indeed I do! I love Kayla Vesta!" "In the event that Young Miss gets injured, I'll… " "I don't want to stand by any more." Didn't all of you like men? For what reason would you say you are largely abruptly fixated on me? To begin with, Let's Hide My Younger Brother/First of All, Let's Hide My Younger Brother/우선 남동생부터 숨기자
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Chapter Let’S Hide My Younger Brother First


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