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Kill Me Kiss Me
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Kill Me Kiss Me

When Tae Yeon Im figures out that the icon star that she's revered for a long time is right now going to a similar school as her indistinguishable cousin, Jung-Woo Im, she persuades her cuz to take advantage of their likeness and switch places, she will dress as him, go to his school and attempt to draw near to her darling kid. Furthermore, he will dress as her, go to her school and revel in its ocean of darlings. Or then again perhaps he simply enjoys wearing a skirt? The arrangement appears to be faultless until Tae learns of a harasser named Ga-Wun Kim who likes to whip on unfortunate Jung-Woo. In the mean time, Jung-Woo observes that being a lady probably won't be basically as exciting as it appears. New romantic tale starts when Jung-Woo and Tae Yeon change back to their own unique character. New characters begins showing up and presently the story is centering about Jung-Woo and his companions. What kind of romantic tale that will start this time? We should find out.... :)
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
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