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Everyday, Love Me More
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Everyday, Love Me More

When he was youthful, Oto would visit his grandmother in the mid year. But, since he was from Tokyo, Oto had no companions to play with and sat alone in the shade. That was until a kid two years more established named Sora came and welcomed Oto to play with him and his companions. To Oto, Sora was his knight in sparkling covering and was obliterated when he vanished the accompanying summer, making Oto lament not imparting his actual affections for Sora. Quite a while pass, and it's at last Sora's last year of secondary school. All he needs is to zero in on reading up for his college selection tests. Sora figured his main interruption would be his windbag dearest companion, however on his most memorable day back, he runs into an old face - or rather, that old face runs into him, declaring his affection for Sora all the while.
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