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Engage Knight
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Engage Knight

From Spoils: Draw in - a contract vowed among knight and respectable This is the story of people integrated by the holy obligations of Engage Tia is a youngster who hails from the distant districts of the Grunwald Empire. Because of regal announcement, she is expected to go to a renowned foundation situated in the royal capital. The institute serves not just as a systems administration spot for the offspring of gentry to meet and hobnob, but on the other hand is where the ways of aristocrats and knights cross. Tia herself is determined to track down a knight with incredible guarantee, in any case, who she coincidentally finds rather is the institute's concern youngster - Duran. Because of an experience with Duran, Tia finds she can draw out a knight's true capacity, typically just done through Engage. As somebody who can call forward the powers of Engage without a vowed contract, Tia gets herself the objective of many knights…
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