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Dengeki Daisy
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Dengeki Daisy

When Teru's more established sibling kicked the bucket, she was left with minimal higher than the standard cellphone including the message tackle of a shifty person named DAISY, who Teru's sibling had illuminated her would "support her when he was presently not ready to." DAISY turned into Teru's mainstay of force, during the following several years as she faces her reality alone, as he sent her spurring words through his phone number, whether motivating or simply jabber. At some point, after harassers in the understudy gathering are peculiarly determined away, Teru incidentally breaks a school window, which brings about her utilized by the grumpy, horrible school janitor named Tasuku Kurosaki. As Teru begins working for the school janitor that is unlikable, her feelings begin to outperform that of expert and worker and she begins to challenge the true character of DAISY. So begins an unlikely kinship between A - 16-year old secondary school young lady alongside a tricky yet brilliant 24-year old person. Teru Kurebayashi A 16-year old secondary school understudy, Teru is a solid willed and kind lady who's separated from everyone else after her more seasoned sibling bites the dust. She's made basically having a cell phone that her sibling gave her connections her to DAISY, who turns into the stock of help and consolation of Teru through email messages. Regardless of never meeting him eye to eye, Teru h-AS complete confidence in him (despite the fact that she doesn't have heartfelt affections for him). Whenever she coincidentally breaks a window, Teru is headed to turn into the "worker" of the school janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku, to spend it away. Teru's once negative sentiments towards Kurosaki form into something more close as the manga propels. In any case, she becomes suspect the phone her sibling left her might be more than it appears and that Kurosaki is really DAISY. Rate this story

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