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12 Days Before Graduation
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12 Days Before Graduation

Vyalen, the principle character in the story, is a graduating secondary school understudy from their school.Their school was really known as one of the most outstanding athletic and scholastic reproducing understudies. At the end of the day, just the individuals who have unique gifts, world class brains, and capacities could enter the school. Every one of the understudies were arranged by their significant fields- - like being a tip top, scholastic, and athletic. Yet, for the school's first in history they couldn't classify Vyalen for whom he has this obscure capacity that permits him to "falsely" use or make gifts that he's not used to... Continuing on, inside just 12 twelve days he will move on from his secondary school. That is the reason he is in a rush for admitting his adoration to her long darling crush, Trixy. Be that as it may, unexpectedly one morning, while heading to school, he out of nowhere found a weak little geeky young lady named Lnear. having the prospect that he had heard this name some place... later on. He at long last understood that it was a schoolmate of his that should be sitting close to him that never came to school since the principal day of class... Rate this story

Chapter 12 Days Before Graduation


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